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LAP Coffee x Rebirth Studios 09/23

We crafted distinctive aprons for a new Berlin coffee chain by repurposing old workwear overalls

"Lollapalooza" Upcycling Workshop, 09/23

At this year's Lollapalooza, we hosted an interactive upcycling workshop to engage festival visitors with the topic. We also created custom furniture pieces for the event

"The Grand Rebirth" Show, 06/2023

our first fashion presentation.

Inspired by a recent collaboration with a hotel chain we were able to develop a deep understanding of the huge amounts of textile waste that are constantly being generated in almost all industries around us.
We wanted to highlighting that textile materials can be found everywhere beyond the fashion industry and that there exists a resource-friendly way to enjoy fashion if we change our understanding of waste.
We invited our guest to spend an evening with us at the “Grand Rebirth”, and immersive fashion experience. The guest were guided through a journey of sets featuring model performances. Each set referenced a different collection textile and its origin.